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While out in the field, we have had numerous companies approach asking to help them with many different business efforts, part-time, full-time, short and long term.

Companies that were desperate for services that would aid with: layout of their website, education and market research, business management and development, event coordination, branding, hiring and firing, merchandising and always looking for increased revenue. We have 20 years of experience doing just this for companies. Since opening Many Colors INC., we have had an overwhelming response and excitement among our clients. Most services of our type offer consultation only, Many Colors INC. will not just create the plan but we will help you hire, train so that you can execute it.    

Even with these recessive times, it is advantageous for a company to stay competitive to remain productive and profitable.

Here is just some of the challenges we have come across helping business: 
1) Companies that don't fully understand their current market and industry as they are too busy and have lost touch or burnt out and ready to let someone else aid in the resposibilites. 
2) They have a few marketing persons (salespeople)  in place- yet no full-time manager or contracting company to oversee and efficiently develop their efforts. 
3) Lost dollars spent on lack of organization and time management.
4) Events in conclusion reaped no leads and little profit. 
5) Inefficiently developing their current clients and vendors and expanding their client base.
6) Not taking advantage due to lack of knowledge of availability of software such as CRM's and organization tools. 
7) Company puts all their eggs in one basket, such as a star salesperson or client relationship and ends up with an empty basket when that relationship dissolves.  
8) Social media is something that they just don't understand, so it continues to be put off and they fall behind their competitors.

One of the most pressing situations is losing touch with your clients and how you can reach and retain them. We can show you how to merchandise and market your business to attract and keep these clients. What we are offering is a solution to ALL these challenges and more. 

What to expect from Many Colors Inc. : You will be receiving an expert consultation, helping to define what your needs are for your company. From this brain storming session together, we will establish your plan and we will help put it into action. We include bi-weekly reports of all efforts and continued communication. 

Please contact Lisa Coyne as at your earliest convenience: 760-807-3057 

We are looking forward to doing business together; don't let another year go by...... Let us help you make this a successful year!